Dating Profile Tips to Get More Responses

dating profile tipsYour online dating profile is like a view into your very soul.

Not really? Well it should be! Nowadays, everyone is online dating. It’s not like the old days when either the very technically savvy (and not entirely social) or the incredibly lonely ruled the online dating realm. Excellent people are all over there and they are searching for YOU!

The problem is that you put 15 minutes into your online dating profile and you can’t figure out why you are either getting no responses or you’re getting responses from the creepiest characters the Internet has ever given birth to. Why? YOUR INTERNET DATING PROFILE SUCKS!

It sucks really really bad…

Creating a Profile that Attracts Better People

I’m sorry to break the news about how lousy your profile is, but it’s true. You can’t just blurt out that you like things and stuff and then claim how multi-faceted and unique you are. You have to say it descriptively. You absolutely need to use YOUR WORDS to tell that special someone what makes you the one they absolutely need to say hello to.

Think about it this way. First there was the online world, then people figured out they could put advertisements on their websites and you clicked on them. You clicked on them a lot… but the last time you probably clicked an ad on a website was probably in 2006. Now everyone has stuffed their website full of advertising and you don’t even see them anymore, right?

Your dating profile is hitting the same critical mass. There’s a bazillion people out there and the second they say something boring or cliche or common is the same second they lose an excellent prospective mate. Why? Because great people are aching for someone as great or better than they are! We all want a love that will inspire us and suddenly turn us into vivacious and worldly people.

Questions to Think about When Setting up your Dating Profile

Let’s make this easy: simply go down this list and write a few sentences about each of these questions. Tell your story. Talk in depth about how each of these forces mean something in your life. Be yourself, but also consider the person reading your profile. What are their needs and how can you show them that you have the skills to meet those desires.

  • What defines you?
  • What makes you happy?
  • How will you know when you’ve achieved success in a relationship?
  • What are your relationship goals?
  • What about you will your new lover find irresistible?
  • How are you in a relationship that will make him or her melt in your warm loving goodness?
  • We all have hobbies, but what about yours do you find so compelling?
  • What are some of your future goals (professionally, spiritually, and love-related)?

Put all this into paragraph form and you just created an profile that’s 180% better than all the other lazy losers online.

Isn’t it True that NO ONE ever Reads these Profiles?

Don't Make a Boring Dating Profile!

Don’t Make a Boring Dating Profile!

Here’s where you really need to pay attention: YES, people who hate words and are common and boring and directionless won’t read a single word of your profile. They are typically either looking for anything mentioning casual hook ups, or anything that shows that you are easy. And I’m not saying easy as in slutty. Uncomplicated people with nothing going for them are looking for someone that they can put in the minimum amount of effort in order to date you.

Is that what you’re looking for?! If it is, have a nice boring rest of your life with that…

Let’s just assume you said a hearty “Hell no!” to that. Good. Now is time to sit down and spend a few hours writing something about you that defines your awesomeness. Think about it. If you got a boyfriend after writing a bunch of boring stuff, what kind of a man is he? If you want someone with an emotional intelligence and a natural brilliance, then you have to speak directly to those parts of him.

Don’t Ever Say What Everyone Else is Saying

Read through a few profiles. Are there some common things that just about everyone says? You like pizza? You wear jeans and t-shirts? You like football or golf or crocheting? I just fell asleep…

Big deal! Unless you are doing something that no one does like drift racing or horse-back archery or parasailing, who cares? Don’t ever say the “standard” things about what you like. In fact, you’d be way better off saying something ridiculous like you’re a shark-tamer to show your prospect that you at least have a sense of humor. And besides, this gives a guy (or girl) that perfect jumping off point to start a conversation. Plus, it shows that they read at least some of your profile.

A Little Effort Goes a Long Way

If you just can’t be bothered to present your true self in your profile, then you will have a mediocre time at online dating. It’s as simple as that. You can either wade through a bunch of emails from people you’d never speak to in public to get to the one or two human beings, meanwhile getting completely discouraged that you’ll never find a guy (and losing faith in humanity in the process).


You can really put your heart into it and show good, solid people that you are one of them. If you’re already showing up to the party with a fed-up attitude, that is the only fun you will ever have. Be cool. Be exciting. Be positive. And above all–if you haven’t heard any of these dating profile tips–open your heart and you will be rewarded by someone who will see it and take tender care of it.



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