Is “Girl Gets Guy” really possible?


“It seems like I’ve been single forever. I read your sales page, but is “girl gets guy” really possible? I’ve done just about everything to get the guy I’ve had a crush on for years and nothing works. He still doesn’t even know I exist.”


Girl gets guy is definitely possible! This might not be the answer you want to hear though…

The problem with crushes

When you have a crush on someone that lasts a long period of time, you lose that “attraction factor” that comes with being new and mysterious. Being mysterious is one of the best weapons women have. The problem you have with your long-time crush is that he knows all of your secrets (and you know all of his).

The good news is that he has been around for so long, it’s pretty likely that he has a crush on you too. Think about it, most guys don’t even bother with friends that are girls unless he likes them in some way. Bonus points if he has done any of the following:

  • Spent a lot of time with you
  • Listened to your problems with previous boyfriends
  • Helped you with “manly” things around your house
  • Told you some of his secrets
  • or the big one: Helped you move

If he’s done anything like this, then you are practically living “girl gets guy.” The problem is that you both sound too shy to make the move.

I understand how scary it is to take those first steps. There are so many things that can go wrong. He could say no. It might wreck your friendship, but more than anything, it will put an end to your fantasy! It’s so much easier to grasp tightly to the fantasy of a crush and never really make the right moves to get him to think of you romantically.

Girl Gets Guy: Step One

You need to crush any preconceptions he has about you. Whether you have never officially met or he has known you for years, he has probably already made his mind up about you and has categorized you somewhere not very close to the top of his list of women he’s currently obsessed with. You need to shake up what defines you right away!

I’m not telling you to go out and dye your hair red or recreate any eighties movie themes. You simply need to show him a new side of you that he never knew about. If there is something cool you do or know, then “leak” out one of your more impressive skills. You really don’t need to go all out here and hint that you are a trained assassin or anything, but you should casually mention that you can play the violin or whatever.

Notice this doesn’t have to be anything earth shattering (but if you have earth shattering, it can’t hurt). It simply has to make him realize that there is more to you than what he believes.

Girl Gets Guy: Step Two

Men are visual creatures. You’ve heard this over and over again. However he’s used to seeing you, change it up. If you are a jeans and t-shirt girl, throw on a dress every once in awhile. If you’re all business, let him see you in your workout gear. We are going to shatter any preconceptions he has about you by giving him other glimpses of your life that show him he had you all wrong.

If you don’t wear makeup, put some on! This is actually the best method of getting him to notice you. In a man’s brain, makeup shows effort. A woman who is trying to make herself look better is doing it because she is available. If she looks like she just rolled out of bed, then she is probably married, grumpy or sick. Either way, he is more likely to talk to you if you put any effort into attracting him.

Of course this is a generalization, but this is the way men have been trained. This is why your married friend who always looks done up gets hit on all the time. Effort=approachable. Never assume you have sufficiently caught his attention with your lovely goodness without flipping this one important switch. He might already have noticed you and might already like you, but if you don’t ever signal him to make the first move, then he never will.

There is a lot of easy psychology behind girl gets guy. It’s easy because there are things you can do today that will help you attract the majority of men. But getting the guy is only step one! It’s more important to have the skills to keep a man captivated over time. Nothing will get you closer to having that perfect relationship than The Art of Irresistible. This book will help you become the woman that men adore. You can get the guy of your dreams, you simply need to know how to speak to the things inside him that he truly craves.

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