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Couple Goals

How to Set Some Couple’s Goals

setting couple goalsWe set goals for everything from where we plan to be in five years to how much we plan to weigh. So why don’t we ever set goals for what we want out of our relationships? You already know where you want to be with your lover, but how much of that is just cautious hoping and how much of that are you actively working towards.

More importantly: how much of that are you involving him in?


Sure, it’s one thing to set relationship goals for what kind of relationship you hope to be in, but how does that fit in with his reality? Read More

Relationship Goals

Relationship Goals

Setting Relationship Goals for a More Amazing Relationship

Relationship GoalsMost (if not all) of us simply exist in our relationships. We go through each day hoping our loves will either do something to make us fall right back into puppy love with them again or just not do something that drives us insane.

Then the next day happens and we are either up, down, or indifferent all over again.

…then the next day happens…

Is it so confusing that all relationships take that gradual slide down into comfort and a sweet kind of static boredom? What seems to be the problem and how can we prevent relationships from becoming stale? Read More

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