Will I be able to buy The Art of Irresistible as a hard copy book?

Currently, no.

“Why” you might ask. From the beginning, The Art of Irresistible: How to Seduce a Man and Captivate Him Forever has been about evolution. As more and more information and research comes out on the human brain, relationships, love, and the psychology of dating, this book will evolve and get better.

By printing it and selling it as a hard copy book, it essentially loses the whole spirit of The Art of Irresistible. How can I tell you that self-improvement should be a life-long goal when the book is so static and unchanging?

This benefits you in many ways!

How so? You can guarantee when you buy this book, it has the most current information out there on how to create perfect relationships. Not only that, as I revise and add more information to The Art of Irresistible, I will email you the new chapters. Could this really be “The Never Ending Relationship Story?” I hope it will be! And I know getting emails full of tons of new information and techniques will invigorate you on your quest to becoming the perfect woman.

What other book you’ve read can make that commitment to you?

Also, by having this book as a .PDF, you can read it on any computer and you can put it on your Kindle Wireless Reading Device and carry it with all your other eBooks in a sweet little device! How’s that for cool?!