I can’t tell if a guy likes me or not!


There is this guy in my college biology class that I have a crush on but I can’t tell if this guy likes me or not. Any help?


Some people think it’s difficult to pick up on the signs that a guy likes you, but as long as you remain observant and follow your intuition, you will be able to pick up on the signs that a guy is into you.

Pay Attention to His Body language

The best way to tell if a guy likes you is to pay attention to his body positioning. When we want something, we focus our attention on it. This includes how we position our bodies. If he almost never shows his back to you, he is letting you know that you are important and will give you his full attention.

Is he leaning? If he is typically leaning towards you, this is an unconscious sign that he finds you fascinating. Think about when you are watching a great movie, you always tend to “lean into the good parts.” Essentially, you have him on the edge of his seat! Think about where his extremities are pointing. As with the leaning, we tend to direct ourselves towards things that we want. We have the least control over our feet. if his feet are always pointing at you, then you are in! If they are pointing towards the door… Watch his hands. This works best when sitting across from him at a table. If his hands are pointing in your direction, it’s like he’s subtly saying, “I choose you.”

There are “stages” of interest. Typically, this begins with turning our heads towards someone who has caught our interest. The next step is the shoulders. Then the pelvis. The legs and feet usually follow. It’s like you brain slowly sending the message all the way down to your toes that something great is going on.

Watch for these signs as you talk to new people. It’s like their bodies are opening up to you.

Another unconscious body language indicator that a guy likes you is known as mirroring. When we idolize a sports or movie star, we tend to mimic their actions. We also do this with people we are into. The easiest way to test this is to touch your face somewhere when you are talking to him. It could be as innocent as touching your ear lobe. If he does the same thing moments later, then he is mirroring you.

Try crossing your legs or arms, leaning forward or back. If he repeats this action soon after you do it, this guy likes you

The Eyes Don’t Lie

Observe his eye contact. You can tell if a guy likes you by the way he gets your attention using his eyes. You can even tell what kind of a guy he is by the way he looks at you. If he’s a shy guy, he may glance aside rapidly if he feels something about you. If he’s a dominant kind of guy, he will try to make eye contact and hold it on you for as long as he can. Try to stare him down and hold it for a moment longer than feels comfortable. A confident guy who likes you will keep looking at you.

He will look at you for your approval when he likes you. This is generally done when something funny is happening. He will look at you to see if you are laughing to see if it’s OK for him to laugh.

Now is the time to pay attention to your intuition. Try to feel what kind of emotions he’s showing with his face. Slight adjustment in his eye muscles, small smiles, eyebrow placement, how open his eyes are; these are called “microexpressions” if each tiny little micorexpression all points to interest (or at least happiness), this might just be the one. He could also be showing longing or desire. It’s sort of a sad look but on a very small scale. This too is good.

Just be on the look out for any microexpressions that show evil or bad intent. Typically this appears in the brow. If he has a small smile on his lips, but his brow is down or tensed instead of up, relaxed or pulled towards the ears, then you might have a creepy stalker on your hands.

Pay attention to ANY touching

In today’s society, we are so disconnected from our feelings that we often fear touch. Somehow, it’s just not normal to touch someone you don’t know very well. So this is a big indicator that this guy likes you. It really can be a touch anywhere. He could touch your arm, your hair, your shoulder. He might bump into you as he passes. If you are sitting and his leg or foot touches you, it all counts. He is trying to get you to notice him by getting up into your personal space.

If you like him back, present him opportunities to touch you. Any chances you can create like whispering a secret or showing him something very small so he has to come closer…

He gets nervous around you

Do you get nervous when you talk to your friends? Of course not. You pretty much only get nervous when you are around someone you hope to impress. Is he nervous, pensive, or quiet when you are around. If he was animated before you shower up and then suddenly got quiet as you came near. Nervous laughter, fidgeting, holding his breath or taking deep breaths, looking down or away, starting unsuccessfully to talk: these are not signs that he is a spaz, they are all signs that will tell you if a shy guy likes you.

His friends will also give away his true feelings. They all know that he like you but is too shy to do anything about it. So they will do what any friend will do: tease him mercilessly about his inability to seal the deal. So the next time you are around any of his friends and there is a silent nervous tension between them, it’s a great sign that they know something you don’t know. Unfortunately, having his friends around make it much less likely he will let you know that he likes you, so try to get him alone if you want to find out more from him.

As long as you remain observant, you should always be able to pick up on if a guy likes you. Now if you’re ready to get the guy, it’s time to break out the big guns and get the book that puts men in the palm of your hands. You need The Art of Irresistible to help you become the woman that men adore. You can catch the man of your dreams and discover how to keep him infatuated with you forever!

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